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    In some capacity or another for the past 20 years, the district has been planning and preparing to address safety and playability, lights, and the overall aesthetics of the High School campus fields. As such, student, parental, and community support has grown over time. That support has energized the district and the community in early 2014 to take actions to bring this project to the starting block. Today, the district stands alongside several private companies/individuals who are eager to initiate a reality that has been a dream for so many for so long. Our community can raise awareness and find ways to contribute both in-kind and through monetary means to provide our students and community youth with facilities commensurate with our history of high performing schools. While the initial goal was set at $1.7 million, that goal was revised to $2 million in early 2016.
    The District, with encouragement from students, parents, coaches, and community groups, embarked on a study to address the conditions of the fields. The study determined that our athletic fields were over used, lacked proper irrigation and drainage, and were in a significant state of disrepair. The study reported that the district was 11 fields short of providing proper access and field rest and that Methacton was one of only two school districts in Montgomery County that was without a lighted synthetic turf field. This, the study stated, placed our athletes at a competitive disadvantage. This improvement project could increase safety and access by three times that currently available.