• No student will go without a meal.


    When a student does not have money in their food service account or has a negative balance, a meal will be provided:

    • To make a breakfast meal, students must select 3 or 4 items, including a full serving of fruits or vegetables. To make a lunch meal, students must select foods from at least 3 out of the 5 food groups. At least one item must be a full serving of fruits or vegetables.

    • No a la carte items may be purchased unless the student has sufficient funds to pay for the selected item(s).


    Communication and Collection

    • Parents/guardians of students with a balance of $5 or less will receive a weekly low balance alert email in order avoid having an account fall into negative status.
    • Parents/guardians of students with a negative balance will receive a weekly email alert.
    • If a student owes $15 or more, a letter will be sent home to the parent/guardian.
    • If an outstanding debt reaches $25, a phone call will be placed in order to resolve the matter.


    Click here to learn more about how your family may qualify for Free or Reduced Lunches


    Questions regarding the free and reduced lunch application process may be directed to Jennifer Johnson, Methacton Home and School Visitor by sending email to jjohnson@methacton.org or calling 610-489-5000, ext. 25406. 


    Money may be added to student accounts online at www.myschoolaccount.com, by sending cash in with your student (in a sealed envelope to the classroom teacher or main office), or by sending check or money order made payable to Methacton School District to the following address:


    Food Services at Methacton School District
    4001-A Eagleville Road
    Eagleville, PA 19403