• Individual Counseling

    The School Counselors at Skyview are available to meet with students for individual counseling sessions throughout the year. Students may be referred by a parent, teacher or the child can request their own appointment to see the counselor. 

    Students who would like to have an appointment with the school counselor will find appointment request slips in each classroom at Skyview. Students are encouraged to fill out the slip and give it to the counselor or to a teacher to give to the counselor. Appointments will be made for the following day or as soon as possible. If it is an emergency situation, the counselor will prioritize the appointment.
    Students come see their counselor for a variety of reasons which may include the following:
    * friendship issues
    * conflict resolution
    * problem solving
    * academic support
    * changes and transitions
    * loss of a loved one
    * questions about school
    * wanting to get involved in something at school
    ...and more.

    Individual counseling sessions may be brief or require more than one session. The school counselor's goal is to help students resolve personal/social/emotional issues so that they can be the best person and learner they can be.
Last Modified on July 13, 2017