• Top Tips for Windows Movie Making

    1.  Log in to your Google Drive to build your slides and presentation.  
    2.  Use the INSERT menu to add IMAGES and TEXT to your slides.  ALL IMAGES NEED TO BE COPYRIGHT FREE!
    3.  Use Google Drive SEARCH for images that can be used for commercial use with modification. 
    4.  If you want your image to be the entire background of the slide, choose BACKGROUND and search and select the correct image. 
    5.  SHARE Presentations in Google Drive with your partner so that each student can work on the presentation from home.
    6.  Use these Instructions  to help guide you through the import and editing process needed for Movie Maker.
    1.  Use these basic instructions to help guide you through the import and editing process for iMovie. 
    **Please note that when using iMovie, you can share photos directly to the Camera Roll by opening the photo you want and tapping the More... menu to share directly to the Camera Roll. 
    **Videos must be directly taped into the Camera Roll or iMovie
    2.  When your production is complete, follow these instructions to load your iMovie to dropbox. 
    Good luck and good movie making!