• pa performance profile The Pennsylvania Department of Education has released year two of the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile.

    Please view it at: http://www.paschoolperformance.org

    The 2016 School Performance Profile scores have been calculated based upon 2015-2016 assessment data, including PSSA, PASA, and Keystone Exam performance as well as progress schools have made in closing the achievement gap. 

    The School Performance Profile is based upon many data points. State assessment scores, college readiness tests, industry standards-based assessments, progress in closing achievement gaps, and degree of student growth over time are factored into the scoring while other identifiers of high-achieving schools are also considered: graduation, promotion and attendance rates as well as evidence of offering rigorous courses factor into the calculation. Schools may also earn extra points beyond the 100 point scoring system for those students who have earned advanced scores on the state, industry, and Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate exams.

    In addition to the scoring aspect of the site, the public can compare schools within their geographical area and across the state. For schools, the site also offers supports to consider as they identify needs associated with the performance measures in the School Performance Profile.

    In 2013, the Pennsylvania Department of Education released the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile (SPP). This public site provides an academic performance score for public schools in the state.