• Arrowhead Second Grade
    English Language Arts

    In Second Grade we read many interesting and fun stories as we introduce new skills and reinforce skills learned in first grade. While reading fiction, children are introduced to story elements – characters, setting, problem, events, and endings. In non-fiction stories, identifying topics, main ideas, and details improves story comprehension and helps students write non-fiction research papers. The use of various projects such as class books, presentations, role-playing, acting, and retelling with and without puppets helps motivate students to do their best in Language Arts!

    Writing stories is fun! Creating class books motivates children to read and write. It also helps make students feel proud of their work.

    Our Language Arts series WONDERS BALANCED LITERACY includes strategies and skills that focus on phonics instruction, comprehension, vocabulary, high frequency words, grammar, spelling, and writing.

    Visit the following website for more Wonders information: https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com 

    Spelling City offers students opportunities to practice many skills in addition to spelling. Click on  the following  link for spelling lists: https://www.spellingcity.com/users/amorgan44143

    In Math in Focus children develop a broad background by learning concepts and skills that help with problem-solving. The second-grade program emphasizes the following content.
    Number and Numeration, Operations and Computation, Data and Chance, Measurement and Reference Frames, Geometry and Patterns, Functions, and Algebra. Visit the following website for extra math support:


    The first unit in our science program is entitled Germs Make Me Sick! It provides students with information about germs and the spread of germs. They learn ways to stop the unnecessary spread of germs. The unit continues with advice about proper nutrition, the importance of exercise, and tooth care. 
    Another favorite unit in science is entitled Changes on Earth. Second Graders learn about earth changes and the Mesozoic Era. They will participate in a variety of interesting dinosaur activities. Students will have opportunities to construct dioramas featuring their favorite dinosaurs. Students learn about how the earth has changed and the forces which have caused the earth to change since the Dinosaur Age.
    The second grade REEP curriculum is about Communities. This includes animal habitats including field, forest, desert, and the pond habitat. A special highlight of this unit is our trip to the Great Valley Nature Center. The children love scooping around in the pond and identifying the many creatures. In order to observe the metamorphic changes of some aquatic animals, 2nd graders observe tadpoles develop into froglets.
    Students also enjoy visiting the planetarium at Arcola Middle School. They learn various constellations, cardinal directions, and star facts.
    Social Studies

    Second Graders learn about the differences and similarities among people. We concentrate on four different themes throughout the year. The first theme includes map skills. Students always enjoy sending their Flat Self projects in the mail to faraway places in order to learn about other states, countries, and continents. The second theme deals with identifying our ancestors and places around the world from which our ancestors came. The students will learn the definition of an ancestor and learn more about family traditions. The third theme looks at what unites our country - our president, our flag, our beliefs and symbols such as the Statue of Liberty. The last theme is about important people who have made special contributions to our country such as Thomas Edison and Louis Braille.

    Class Meetings

    Classroom meetings are used as a way to teach children to work together to solve various problems in an appropriate manner. The qualities of good citizenship are also discussed in classroom meetings encouraging students to develop these qualities as they continue to grow. These meetings also give opportunities to discuss ways to build good character.

    Second Grade Team:

    Mrs. Anita Morgan

    Mrs. Sarah Reid

    Ms. Adrienne Keffer

    Mrs. Rosemary Miller



    Second Grade at Arrowhead is a wonderful place to be!