• There are many apps available that are fun, motivating, educational and promote speech and language development.  Many of these apps are geared towards a younger population.  I will try and list the apps I find that are more for upper elementary and middle school students.
    Sentence Builder- helps children build grammatically correct sentences
    Question Builder-helps children build grammatically correct questions
    Tense Builder-helps children identify the correct tense
    WhQuestions- With built-in data tracking, there are over 300 "wh" questions for who, what, where, why,how
    The following apps are engaging for students and adults.  I use these to develop natural conversations about a shared topic/interest.
    Beatbox- create your own beats
    Bloom- create patterns and melodies by touching the screen
    Drum Kit- create and record drum tracks as your playing along to songs 
    Doodle Buddy-finger paint with colors and tap the screen to include backgrounds
    iColoring Book- using many colors, paint included images or use downloaded pictures from the Internet