• Welcome to the speech and language department of the Arcola Intermediate Building.  A wide range of services are offered in our school.  These include informal screenings, complete evaluations, consultations, individual sessions, group sessions and classroom lessons.  Children who experience deficits in the following areas may be eligible for a combination of these services:
    • Articulation (speech sounds)
    • Language (vocabulary, grammar, interpersonal communication)
    • Voice
    • Vluency (stuttering)
    Students may be referred for speech and language screenings by classroom teachers, parents, or school psychologists.  If a formal assessment is recommended based on screening results, written parental permission is always obtained first.  When treatment services are indicated, an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) is developed.
    In the speech/language program, specially designed instruction is provided as determined on a student"s individual education plan (I.E.P.).  Speech/language clinicians assist the students in remediating or compensating for speech and language deficits that affect the student's regular education performance.  In addition, strategies are provided to classroom teachers for working with students with speech/language deficits.
    Beth Fitzgerald, MS, CCC/SLP
    610-489-5000 x30226