• You will want to know this so you aren't blindsided! There will always be homework in history class.  It may be something written, something to read, a project or something to think about.  If nothing else, you should always review your materials from that day's class. Your assignment will always be listed on the board .  It is your responsibility to copy the material from the board or website into your assignment book.Long term assignments must also be copied.
       Rules- (the faster you know them, the higher your grade!)
    1. I will accept late homework for half credit.
    2. Projects will lose 10% every day they are late until handed in.
    3. Your class participation starts with a perfect score, which is up to 10% of your grade.The only points I deduct, will be for class disruptions, misbehavior being unprepared and failure to follow team rules.
    4. Keep a record of your grades!
    5. You will have at least 2 days notice for a quiz and at least a week for a chapter test.
    6. Extra credit can come in all forms in my class, bonus questions, assignments, games etc.
Last Modified on August 23, 2019