The Mountaineers!

    September 2017 Newsletter

    Dear Fifth Grade Students and Parents,


    Welcome to fifth grade at Skyview Upper Elementary School! What an exciting year lies ahead! Some activities to look forward to are Outdoor Education and various field trips that are to be determined, but may include Valley Forge, Philadelphia, and the Pioneer Crossing Landfill.


    This is the first of many monthly newsletters that will be made available by the Mountaineer teachers, Mrs. Brun, Mr. Permar, and Mrs. Unangst. Hopefully, you’ll find the newsletters chock full of information detailing upcoming learning topics and events. All families are receiving a hard copy of the September newsletter, but in the months ahead the newsletter will be posted on the Mountaineer website. This is one of many small things we are doing at Skyview in an attempt to “go green.”   


                 September is full of “long” days. Students are making the transition back into the full day of school, homework, and after-school activities. Please remember it’s time to re-establish a daily routine and quiet place for homework. The adjustment takes each child a different amount of time. With a little teamwork, we’re sure to be into the swing of things in no time!

    September has much in store. We will soon begin our Language Arts series entitled “Wonders”. Our first Science unit on “Weather” aligns well with hurricane season, and our first Math unit will involve working with the place value of whole numbers and decimals. 5th grade Social Studies takes your child on a journey from the routes of the Early Explorers to the Oregon Trail. At Back-to-School Night, more detail regarding the curriculum and procedures for fifth grade will be shared.


             Throughout the year, we’ll be doing activities consistent with this year’s school theme entitled ”Character Counts.” Character Counts includes the pillars of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Students will also be encouraged to value the positive impact teamwork has on their friendships and learning environment.

                   All fifth graders will be taking the PSSAs this year. It is very important that all students be present during these testing times. Please keep this in mind as you make vacation plans this year.


             English Language Arts: April 9 - 13            Mathematics: April 16 - 20 

              Subject based homework will begin the first week of school. Fifth graders can plan on having about 50-60 minutes of homework each night. Of course, the amount of time spent on homework depends on the student. To help with organization, and to make sure the correct materials are brought home, each student will receive an assignment book in which the evening’s homework will be written. In addition to the assigned homework, every student is expected to read at least 15 minutes per day outside of school.


    Miscellaneous Notes:

    -Please keep all games,toys, electronics, and distracting accessories at home.

    -We would appreciate donations to the ever-dwindling classroom supply of tissues, Lysol, and disinfecting wipes. Also, we would appreciate donations of hand sanitizers. We will be reviewing good “hygiene” with the students, but please reinforce hand washing and covering coughs/sneezes with your child.

    -Students must wear sneakers on P.E. days.


    General Supply List:

    zippered pencil case

    box of tissues


    red pen

    fine line black marker

    colored pencils

    small - personal pencil sharpener

    4 dry erase markers

    eraser for white board (old sock works well)


    5 sturdy folders (blue, red, yellow, orange, green)

    2 hard cover marble composition books


    package of lined paper

    index cards

    3 large book socks

    glue stick

              Parents, we look forward to meeting you at our Back to School Night, September 16. If you have any questions or concerns in the interim, please feel free to contact us.




    The Mountaineers



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