• policy
    If you miss class, check the link Daily Reading Class Lessons/Homework to see what you missed. The calendar will appear. Double click on the grey calendar date and the box will open to find an explanation of what we did in class on that day, as well as the homework assignment(s) for that evening. Homework assignments can also be found on our team website on the Calendar page. You can come see me with any questions you may have. You may also email me at cleo@methacton.org. You are responsible to make up any missed work and tests in a timely fashion (please see the Arcola policy in the student handbook). I will not chase after you to complete your missed work. If the work is not made up then the grade will be a zero.
    Late homework will not be accepted unless you are absent or there are other extenuating circumstances. If any long term assignment is late, you will be docked 10% for each day it is late.You will be given plenty of notice for all assignments and it is your responsibility to hand them in on time.
Last Modified on August 31, 2015