• Students receive Speech and/or Language services for a variety of communication problems. These include Articulation (production of speech sounds), Language (understanding, vocabulary, grammar, and social communication), Voice (pitch, quality, volume of voice) and Stuttering (repetitions or breaks that affect the flow of speech). Services are provided individually, in groups or in the classroom.

    Referrals to the Speech-Language therapist are made by parents, teachers, and school psychologists. A screening of speech and language skills is completed. Results are shared with parents and teachers. If the screening does not reveal possible delays and/or deficits, suggestions may be offered to reinforce skills.  If results suggest possible delays and/or deficits, a complete evaluation is recommended. Written permission for the speech-language evaluation is obtained from parents as well as their perception of their child’s speech-language skills. An evaluation report is written and provided to/discussed with parents and teachers. If Speech and/or Language therapy is recommended, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed by the Speech-Language therapist, parents and teachers. This plan states the specific goals to be addressed, the frequency of therapy and the setting (individual, group, speech room, classroom) in which the support will be provided. Quarterly progress reports are included with the student’s report card.

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    Melissa O'Connor, M.S. CCC-SLP