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    Independent reading is an essential component to a strong literacy program. It allows the students to practice and apply reading skills to self-selected text. To that end, my classroom library has a selection of young adult fiction and non-fiction texts. The hope is that there will be something to connect with every student. However, that doesn't mean that every book will be acceptable to every family's individual content and language standards. These are not assigned books and students are encouraged to return any book that their parents/guardians would not find acceptable. Students are also welcome to use the Arcola library, public library, and book stores to access additional choices.
    Students are able to sign out books from the classroom library. Students will be able to sign out books using the online system Classroom Booksource. This system will keep a record of each students book borrowing history including any books that have not been returned to the classroom. Students are expected to take care of the books they borrow from the classroom. Books may not be borrowed from the classroom library without signing them out through Classroom Booksource - no exceptions!. If a student loses a book, they are responsible for the cost of that book so that a replacement may be purchased.  If a book is lost, notification is sent home to the parent/guardian with the price of the book. The student may either purchase a replacement or bring the money to school so that I may order/purchase a replacement copy ASAP.
Last Modified on September 11, 2017