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    6th Grade

    Reading & Geography Constellations Team

    Mrs. Sally H. Roberts

    610-489-5000  ext. 36504

    Course Description for Reading

    Storytown is a research-based, developmental reading program.  The foundation of the program is its high-quality children’s literature, as well as informational texts.  Students are exposed to a variety of genres. 

    Program emphasizes:

    ·         Phonemic awareness

    ·         Phonics

    ·         Vocabulary

    ·         Fluency

    ·         Comprehension

    Assessment procedures:

    ·         Theme Tests

    ·         Formal/Informal Assessments

    ·         Teacher Observations

    ·         Student Self Evaluations

    ·         Long and Short Term Projects

    ·         Class Participation

    Course Description for Geography
    Students completing 6th grade Wold Geography will develop an understanding of the physical features, climates, economics and cultural aspects of our world and its people.

    The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding and appreciation for the following:

    • Basic world geographic literacy
    • The physical characteristics of places and regions
    • The human characteristics of places and regions
    • The interactions between people and their environment 

    Assessment Procedures: 

    • Teacher observations               
    • Student Self Evaluations
    • Teacher-made Tests
    • Unit Tests/Quizzes               
    • Long and Short Term Projects
    • Classroom Participation

    Instruction Materials Used:

    • Maps, Globes, Atlases
    • Overheads
    • Interactive Materials - Computers, Smart-board
    • Textbooks and Supplemental Materials

    Course Requirments - for BOTH Reading and Geography:

    • Homework assigned as needed
    • Assignment books should be checked nightly
    • Organized Binder