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     Welcome to Skyview Computer Literacy! comp101



    Methacton Acceptable Use Policy

    What is an Acceptable Use Policy? An Acceptable Use Policy are the guidelines that outline responsible use for equipment and personal devices that are used on school property. Students are responsible for appropriate behavior online just as they are in a classroom or any other area of the school. All network users are required to read and abide by this agreement. [School Board Policy 815]

    ALL students will follow the guidelines listed on the Methacton School District Acceptable Use Policy (aka Responsible Use Agreement)

    Click to watch video in Youtube here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq-L16MdYBU

    Methacton School District Board Policy: http://www.methacton.org/aup


    Class Overview

    All 5th and 6th graders will participate in a Computer Literacy class. This class will include instruction in the following technology areas: Google Docs/Microsoft Word, Google Slides/PowerPoint, Google Sheets/Excel, Publisher, Internet Searching, Internet safety, and Keyboarding.


    Internet Safety

    The Internet can be a wonderful resource for kids. They can use it to research school reports, communicate with teachers and other kids, and play interactive games. But that access can also pose hazards. Students will learn about potential online dangers, learn about their digital footprint, and be given ways to help them surf the Internet safely.



    Students are encouraged to practice keyboarding at home using free typing websites (see my sites and games pages), free type in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or any way you can think of. Just make sure you use your home keys and even cover your hands. Accuracy is much more important than speed. The speed will come with practice. 


     Classroom Responsibilities, Rules and Conduct 

    ALL students will follow the guidelines listed on the Methacton School District Acceptable Use Policy (aka Responsible Use Agreement). See the Acceptable Use Policy page on my website.



    Be a Digital Citizen!  Click the link  What is a Digital Citizen?


    Students Making Good Computer Choices!
    Hmm, good choice or bad?   
    In Addition, in class students will...
    • Allow learners to learn.
    • Follow directions
    • Always try your best, 100% effort at all times.
    • Make sure your hands are clean.
    • Respect the computer lab equipment.
    • Do not eat or drink near the computers (including gum).
    Students will be graded on the following :
    • In class projects
    • Class participation - general working habits on the computer
    • Keyboarding
    • Written work / homework 

    Contact Information:

    610-489-5000 ext. 35105
Last Modified on April 17, 2020