• Welcome to the Worcester Elementary Art Room

    art mural  

    The elementary art curriculum helps students experience art as a form of sef-expression while engaging students in experiential learning, which is the process for making meaning directly from the learning experience. This process encourages students to develop critical thinking skills, communitcation skills, problem solving skills and their creativity. Students create and develop their understanding of art from different cultures, artists, and art styles while exploring different art forms and media. Lessons incorperate math, geography, social students, and science. 



    I believe that all people have a talent or gift to offer in one way or another. I strongly believe that children are natural artists for they express themselves freely with imagination. Their will be challenges as the students learn techniques but it is extremely important that they put their best foot forward so they can have fun and enjoy the experience. I do expect every student to come to Art and try his or her best. Students will explore many different media; drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, etc... and must come prepared with a smock for the little accidents that due occur



    Smocks: An oversized shirt with the selves cut off will work fine. There name should be written on the front of the smock. Each student should have one.


    Donations are always appreciated.


    Paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls

    Paper Plates

    Anything else you feel we may use.

    Kristy Schwartz

    Worcester Elementary
    Visual Art Teacher
Last Modified on September 26, 2018