Let me introduce myself and give you some background information
    about me since I will be getting to know you and your children throughout the course of the year...My name is Stephanie Berardelli.  I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education K-6 with an emphasis in science from Penn State University at University Park in 1987.  ( For the glory of ole State, for her founders strong and great, for the future that we wait, Dear Ole State, Dear Ole State...As you can tell, I remain a HUGE fan!)   In 1992 I went back to school for a Master's Degree in Secondary Counseling which I obtained with honors from West Chester University in 1995.  I was also married in 1995.  My husband is an alumni of MSD.  He grew up in Worcester where we now live with our 4 children--Maddie, Matt, Molly, and Mac.   I can't forget our 2 dogs..."Nugget" ( a Yellow Lab ), and "Yogi " ( a brown Newfoundland ) who complete our family.
    I've been here at Arcola for 27 years!  20 of those years as a 6th grade science teacher, and the other 7 as a school counselor.   Yes, that's a long time, but the one great thing about both of those positions is that I have the opportunity to work with your children in a capacity in which I strive for a positive experience and outcome for everyone.   Speaking of a positive experience, I also started the cheerleading program here in the middle school several years ago.  I resigned from that position when I began my family.  
     Oh yes, life is busy, but aren't we all!  I'm hopeful that we can all find some calm in our hecktic lives,  if not, do what I do...take a step back, inhale deeply, (remember to exhale!), and imagine yourself in your definition of paradise!  Mine is below!!
    On that thought, get ready for a year of familiar faces, new friendships, and a whole new world to explore out there!  You're going to love it here at Arcola!!                                        
    Stephanie Berardelli