• Grades K-4: Arrowhead - Eagleville - Woodland - Worcester

    English Language Arts

    Our English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum is guided by the Pennsylvania Core Standards. Teachers use a balanced literacy approach to instruct and assess students. The ELA curriculum follows a unit structure with opportunities built-in for shared reading, small group reading, word study, and guided writing. Leveled classroom libraries, big books, and technology support the daily instruction for students. The goal for ELA in Methacton School District is to help all students develop skills that will be most important as they move on to their postsecondary options.  In a balanced approach to literacy instruction, teachers integrate instruction with authentic reading and writing and experiences so that students learn how to use literacy strategies and skills and have opportunities to apply what they are learning. Our ELA curriculum utilizes Wonders Balanced Literacy as the core resource in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.


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    Balanced Literacy Explained



    Elementary students are taught mathematics through the use of the CPA method:  first with Concrete materials-like counters or base ten blocks, then Pictorial representations- drawing pictures to solve, and lastly using the Abstract, such as an algorithm. This progression helps with understanding why the math works.  Students are challenged with increased emphasis on problem solving and thinking skills.  At each grade level, fluency of facts is emphasized. The Pennsylvania Core Standards provide a balance between problem solving and application with skill development throughout the units of study at each grade level.   The Standards of Mathematical Practice are infused in daily instruction to support students skill development with making sense of problems and persevering in solving them; constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others; using appropriate tools strategically; looking for and making use of structure; reasoning abstractly and quantitatively; modeling with mathematics; attending to precision; looking for and expressing regularity in repeated reasoning. Our math curriculum utilizes Math in Focus as the core resource in grades kindergarten through fourth grade to support the District math curriculum.


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    Students demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the science concepts and vocabulary from the earth science, life science and physical science units based on the Academic Standards for Science and Technology, Ecology, and Engineering Education. Each science lesson is built on the 5E model. Students show their knowledge through asking questions; defining problems; obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information; planning and carrying out investigations using models; using data/evidence to construct explanations; and designing solutions. Our science curriculum utilizes the Discovery Education Science Techbook and Mystery Science to provide resources for daily classroom instruction. The Science Techbook provides exciting multimedia, virtual activities and hands-on labs with model lessons, STEM project starters, and standard-aligned assessments.


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    Social Studies

    Our social studies curriculum provides the opportunity for every student to develop as a knowledgeable and responsible citizen. Students demonstrate knowledge and understanding of concepts from the geography, economics, history, and civics and government identified in the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. The curriculum makes connections to other subject areas, like ELA and science, through hands-on and project-based learning.


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