•  A Skyview 5th Grader has skyrocketed onto the Top 50 Board for the mix she created in Incredibox!  Ananya Nandakumar of Mrs. Unangst's class currently stands at 3rd - in the WORLD!  You can check out her mix HERE: https://www.incredibox.com/mix/9f8d1c56b9e15febb3e6-v2     Don't forget to give her a 'like' and help her to the top!




    6th Grade got to use them last cycle and 5th Grade is being introduced to the ukuleles this cycle. I'll try to post some videos here on the site, but I'm a Basic Luddite so no promises.  Some classes are even almost through the whole "this is how you do it blah blah blah" cycle and will soon be into the fun stuff - playing songs.  Very cool stuff.  It wouldn't shock me if there were a LOT of holiday requests for ukuleles - watch this space and I'll soon walk you through the purchasing process!



    Both 5th and 6th Grades have watched either part of or the entirety of STOMP: A Pulse Odyssey.  If you're unfamiliar with STOMP, it's a performing ensemble off-Broadway of percussionist/dancers that have revolutionized 'dance shows'.  A Pulse Odyssey takes members of the group around the world examining the manner in which different cultures are effected by music.  The students were enthralled by the video; sadly not all classes were able to finish watching it, as some of the conversations they started about the content were so insightful.  If you're interested in watching it with your Student, the link is below - I'd be eager to hear how much they're able to educate you on the subject!




    This week 6th Grade has begun building their Multi-Cultural Music Presentations.  Classes were separated into five randomly-chosen groups.  Each group gets to select a culture (or country) upon which they will focus their studies.  At the end of the project, the students shall become the teachers (I’ve told them it’s because I’m lazy.  Please don’t blow my cover.) and teach their class about the culture upon which they have become the expert. 


    The rubric for the project is available to them via Google Classroom. 



    Have fun and make music!


    Very Respectfully,


    Dave Bickle