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      Arcola Senior Orchestra

      Arcola String Ensemble
      Skyview- 6th grade violin and viola lessons

      Share the joy of music by playing a stringed instrument!

      Mrs. Sharon Saul
      Arcola- Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and all days 2:20 to the end of the day
      Skyview- Monday and Thursday until 2:20



      About Arcola’s Orchestras modern strings


      The Senior Orchestra is an instrumental ensemble available for students in seventh and eighth grade who play violin, viola, cello, or bass.  This ensemble rehearses on A, C and E days during 8th period.

      String Ensemble is an auditioned group of students who are ready for more challenging music.  This ensemble rehearses on Tuesdays and Wednesdays before school.

      Group lessons are offered once a week during the school day.


      About Our Curriculum... modern strings

      Our curriculum incorporates elements of (but is not limited to) Music Learning Theory, Suzuki, Kodaly, Orff, and Essential Elements method books.  We extend Methacton’s classroom music curriculum into lessons, and build upon previously learned skills.  Lessons are taught with an emphasis on thinking skills.  The National and State Standards for Music Education are incorporated into each lesson.

      Lesson and Ensemble goals include (but are not limited to):

      *Performance- One, two and three octave scales and arpeggios in major and minor up to four sharps and four flats; independent orchestra parts

      *Correct position and technique- Left hand and right hand skills; shifting position work; various bowing styles
      *Rhythm- Duple, triple and unusual meters; synchronized orchestral sound

      *Intonation- Ear training (listening for pitch matching); aural and written music theory; chord structure; singing; transposition

      *Tone- Bow placement; bow speed; bow weight

      *Tuning- Self- tuning; fine tuners; pegs

      *Articulation- Dynamics; bowing styles; bowings; expressive markings

      *Music literacy- Independent orchestra part; opportunities for more advanced level of music

      *Creative and improvisatory activities- Basic composition; basic jazz improvisation


      We Love to Perform! modern strings

      Orchestra members have many opportunities to share music with others.  A typical year of performances can include:

      *Winter Concert (held in December)

      *Spring Concert (held in May)

      *Methacton String Jamboree (held in late March/early April)- A performance featuring Methacton stringed instrument students in grades four through twelve (our third graders make their debut in their school's winter concert.  They join us during their 4th grade year for the Jamboree); a wonderful opportunity for students and parents to hear the progression of stringed instrument skills!

      *Schuylkill Valley Area Orchestra

      *Pennsylvania Music Educators Association sponsored orchestra festivals

      *Music in the Parks Adjudication Festival at Hershey

      *Harrisburg PMEA Music in our Schools Month

      *Mall performance

      *Arts Festivals

      *Themed Days



      Continuing Education… modern strings


           Arcola's orchestras are part of the Methacton Orchestra program.  There are orchestras in all Methacton Schools.  The high school offers similar orchestral experiences and opportunities.  Arcola's orchestra students are encouraged to continue playing through high school and take advantage of all opportunities offered there.