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Have you ever traveled beyond our state, region, country, continent or hemisphere?  Consider your own ethnic heritage, and all of the customs and traditions that your family celebrates.

What would it be like to live in a culture with people that speak other languages, practice different religions, and eat foods that are exotic to us?  With the internet, students can travel virtually.  "Google Earth" can take us anywhere in the world, and even back to our own home.
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With our textbook and other resources, all 6th grade students will begin the year with the Introduction to Geography unit. This text provides students with the background knowledge and practice of map skills,  the 5 Themes of Geography, and the 6 Essential Elements.   In order to access all of the interactive online editions and multiple resources,  click on http://my.hrw.com/
There will be ** 6th grade common assessments and projects, including the four continental rotations.  Each continental unit of study will be about 6 weeks, following the 1st marking period Introduction to Geography unit.   Please check my homework link and the team calendar for information on assessments and projects, as the year continues.
The African continent will be the focus of my geography rotation instruction, so feel free to
share resources, information, artifacts or photographs of travel experiences.  If any family
member would like to come into class and share cultural traditions or customs, please contact me
at jmunro@methacton.org to arrange a time to be a guest speaker. Students are also welcome to be a
guest speaker in class.
Africa has five major geographic regions: North, Central, East, West and South.  
We'll focus on the North Region first and then travel South. Student projects and
will be coordinated 
the other regions.
GRADING: Geography is graded by total points earned out of total points possible.
Homework may be 5 or 10 points, based on the task. (Homework is not always collected for points, as HW is often reviewed in class.)
Section Quizzes are typically 5 -10 points. Chapter tests will vary in points, depending on the chapter and/or the unit. 
Major assignments, quizzes, and tests will be posted on the Celestials' Team Calendar and my website.
**6th Grade Common Assessments & Projects are extended from 50 to 100 points each. Please check Arcola's website for Arcola's HONORS Geography requirements.
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