Methacton Award of Excellence
As part of a new initiative aimed at honoring staff for the significant accomplishments they make to their colleagues, our students and their families, as well as our entire community, Methacton will be presenting the Methacton Award of Excellence to two valued members of our staff per month - one member of our support staff, and one member of our teaching staff. The individuals you see pictured below have made significant contributions to our school community!  Please join us in thanking and honoring them for their work here in the Methacton School District. Methacton PRIDE!

April - Audubon Elementary School
Ms. Noblit and Ms. Rubendall

Sophie Noblit – Secretary to the Principal
Ms. Noblit is just amazing! She is able to handle ANY issue that arises at Audubon! Her ability to overlap and work with parents makes all of our jobs easier! Sophie is willing to support any staff member professionally and personally. She gives and gives of herself to ensure our Audubon is organized, covered, and filled with love. Ms. Noblit’s professional manner connects our families with our school. If we talk about our Audubon Family, Ms. Noblit is definitely our matriarch.

Trish Rubendall – Office Assistant
Ms. Rubendall is the heart of our school. She always does whatever she can to support staff, students, and parents in our school. She gives us 100% every day to ensure the flow of our days is smooth. Ms. Rubendall goes above and beyond to complete projects and to work on improving her computer skills. She is dependable and professional in every way, every day. Of course, we love her best for her kindness, especially when she brings hot chocolate and soft pretzels to brighten our days!

Xenia Zacharczuk  
Xenia Zacharczuk – ELD Teacher
Ms. Zacharczuk juggles quite a schedule! Her work with all grade levels involves a great deal of communication. Always seeking new ways to utilize technology to support her students, she recently developed a GoogleDoc to support her efforts working with students. Ms. Zacharczuk advocates for students at all times. Her work extends beyond the classroom into her students’ homes. She works with families to complete paperwork, homework, and to help understand flyers sent home. Ms. Zacharczuk volunteers her support to all staff in order to help them support our understanding of ELD families. She exemplifies going above and beyond the job every day!

March - Arcola Intermediate School

Joy Galletta  

Joy Galletta - Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Galletta is an instructional assistant in grades 7 and 8. She comes into work each day with a positive outlook, energy, attitude and smile. She is always willing to go the extra mile and is a true help is students and staff. She has creative ideas and looks for ways to improve things. She is a “joy” and asset to the building!

Anne Yost

February - Skyview Upper Elementary School

Janet Bowers

Janet Bowers – Secretary to the Principal
Janet is truly the “help kiosk” at Skyview. She is great with students, teachers and families. Her friendly demeanor helps to make the Skyview office a welcoming place. She handles all tasks efficiently and with good humor. She is truly an essential piece of Skyview.
Joan Munro  
Joan Munro – 6th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Munro is always at the top of her game when it comes to educating her students. She continually seeks out new strategies to help students learn, embraces technology and keeps a high level of energy and passion for teaching. Mrs. Munro is active in the Skyview community and beyond and supports her students in their activities both in and outside of school. She is a great colleague and is always willing to go the extra mile for the Skyview community.

January - Methacton High School

Jennifer Johnson  
Jennifer Johnson - Methacton Home and School Visitor
Jen Johnson is among the district’s most invaluable resource to the district. As our home and school visitor, she is actively involved in supporting our students and families and staff. Jen not only works on addressing residency, attendance, mental health, and community supports, but also coordinates efforts for families in need. More importantly, while she wears many hats, she approaches all of these varied tasks with joy, and always with a smile!
Stacey Pilman  
Stephanie Pilman - Instructional Assistant
Stephanie has stepped up to help our students, actively adding more and more to the resources in the classrooms. She supports students in the recycling and food pantry “jobs,” and provides substitute teaching when high school teachers are out, allowing the instruction to continue without interruption. She has developed an excellent rapport with both students and staff and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure students' needs are met.

December - Eagleville Elementary School
michelson photo  
Sue Michelson, Instructional Assistant
Sue Michelson has been with the district for many, many years.  Sue is a ray of sunshine at Eagleville.  She has such a positive influence on both the students and staff here at Eagleville.  She is always enthusiastic, energetic and always ready to lend a helping hand.  From covering for dismissals for the bus duty teacher to dressing up as the school mascot, Sue is ready to jump right in. We have seen the impact Sue has made and the relationships she has built with the staff and students! Sue has been with several Learning Support teachers throughout the years and has been a staple in maintaining the standards we have here at Methacton.   We are truly blessed to have her in the Eagleville family.
diane begley class  
Diane Begley - Reading Specialist
Diane Begley is the reading specialist and a staple here at Eagleville.   Diane is to be commended for her efforts in supporting students with reading challenges.  She is also the go-to for guidance around reading instruction and performance.  Both students and teachers look to her for resources, testing and instruction!  This year, she added teaching a new program System 44 to her repertoire.  While it was a challenge and a learning curve, Diane jumped in and learned this new program that is helping fourth grade students improve their reading skills.  Moreover, Diane is open to learning and improving her practices.  She regularly seeks administrative input to ensure she is meeting the needs of the students.    No matter what challenge or task is given, Diane is always willing to do it, and we know we can count on her to get the job done!   Thanks for all you do, Diane!

November - Woodland Elementary School
Linda Milligan  

Linda Milligan, Autistic Support Instructional Assistant

Flexible and caring are the two words that best describe Mrs. Linda Milligan.  Whether she is supporting students in the classroom or assisting teachers with instructional tasks, Linda is always willing to help.  Her professional yet nurturing ways motivate both students and teachers.  Linda is a cornerstone of support that enables the success of many instructional programs.  Students look forward to her smile, energy, and compassion. Mrs. Linda Milligan adds to the success of Woodland every day. 

Lynda Bradley

Lynda Bradley, Third Grade Teacher
Lynda Bradley a pillar of strength for Woodland and the families it serves.  She is a leader in activities such as ERT, Math Club, and the Families in Need Program.  Besides being an amazing third grade teacher, her roles at Woodland include Grade Level Leader, Math In Focus Support Coordinator, and Building Union Rep.  Both teachers and students look to Lynda for advice and guidance. She is an expert at differentiating her support so everyone gets what they need.  Lynda will do anything to help the Woodland community. We are proud and honored to have her as one of our “Wildcats.”   


October - Worcester Elementary School

Worcester Kindergarten Class  

Sherri Adelman, Kindergarten Teacher

As a teacher of kindergarten, Mrs. Adelman has been responsible for providing the foundational skills of education to many hundreds of students in the Worcester community. Mrs. Adelman’s nurturing and dynamic approach to instruction has created an environment in which her students can learn and grow. Mrs. Adelman accepts and embraces the inherent challenges of teaching in a half day program with grace and professionalism, working diligently and selflessly to meet the unique and diverse needs of students in both her morning and afternoon sessions of kindergarten. The Worcester Elementary School family is pleased and proud to recognize Mrs. Sherri Adelman as a pillar of our community and a teacher who has made a positive impact on the lives of our children for generations to come.
Worcester Elementary School Class  

Patricia Karsch, Instructional Assistant
As an instructional assistant in the special education program, Mrs. Patricia Karsch works tirelessly to meet the needs of the students entrusted to her care. Mrs. Karsch works collaboratively with all the teachers and is an especially essential support for students in the regular education environment. The flexibility and adaptability Mrs. Karsch demonstrates throughout the day are indicative of her superior work ethic and her impeccable professional character. Mrs. Karsch is an invaluable asset to the Worcester community.

September - Farina Education Center & Custodial Operations


Greg McCurdy
Greg McCurdy – Grounds

Mr. McCurdy was recognized for constant effort with keeping facilities vehicles and equipment running.  His knowledge and work ethic has helped with keeping services throughout the district moving along, and his personal pride in your work is obvious, and never taken for granted. The quality he attains is an essential part of the department’s success. 


dan lasorda

Dan Lasorda – Maintenance

Mr. Lasorda was recognized for the dedication and work ethic he demonstrates day-to-day. His “whatever it takes attitude and willingness to help out wherever needed has made all the difference, especially when the unexpected occurs.

Danielle Penza
Danielle Penza - Business Office Supervisor 
Danielle has gone above and beyond in her duties as business office supervisor during the time in which the district continued its search for a director of business services. With the support of her team in the business office, in addition to that of other Farina Education Center staff, Ms. Penza has been a critical partner to the superintendent in continuing the operation of the district’s office of business services. Dr. Zerbe thanked her for her amazing dedication and commitment to professionalism in everything she does for the students and staff in Methacton!

christina Panettieri

Christine Panettieri - Farina Custodian 
Since beginning her duties at the Farina Education Center, many have remarked that Tina is a “breath of fresh air!” Her enthusiasm, attention to detail, and commitment to her work make her an example of excellence. We appreciate all that Tina does every day to make the working environment for those at the Farina Education Center better!