The Methacton Vision

The Vision of the Methacton School District is to prepare graduates to thrive in an increasingly complex world and contribute as productive members of society.

By offering a rigorous curriculum, we will,

  • Foster adaptability, courage, independence, and common decency in a dynamic world that requires self-renewal;
  • Create civic-minded individuals who practice responsible ethical and moral decision making with a broad understanding of their large-scale impact;
  • Teach students how to process and prioritize mass volumes of information, balance technology with tradition and establish ambitious standards.
The Methacton Mission
The Methacton School District, with its strong tradition of excellence, will challenge all students to achieve their greatest potential and create a vibrant community of learners who appreciate diversity and will lead and succeed in a dynamic global society.

Learn, Lead, Succeed — Together
Shared Values

The Methacton School District:

  • Believes that community and family are the foundation for a child's growth and development.
  • Believes education is the shared responsibility of the student, school, family, and community.
  • Believes high ethical standards are critical to effective citizenship.
  • Believes that all students should be given equal opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.
  • Believes that all students should be provided a full, balanced standards-based curriculum at all levels, supported with pedagogical strategies that best address individual learning needs.
  • Believes learning is a life-long process.
  • Believes that an effective education should be enriched by the arts, service, athletics and extra- curricular activities and should empower students to shape their futures.
  • Believes that everyone benefits when all persons respect and appreciate diversity in a global society.
  • Believes an emotionally and physically safe environment is essential for learning.
  • Believes that open and honest communication promotes mutual understanding and trust.
  • Believes the use of state-of-the-art and emerging technology is essential to quality education.
  • Believes in providing employees with encouragement, time, resources and professional development in best practices to meet high expectations for continuous improvement.