Methacton Key Communicators Network
In our ongoing efforts to more strategically communicate information with our Methacton families and community-at-large in a timely manner, the district has created a “key communicators” network. This initiative is designed to enhance information sharing via electronic communication.

What is a Key Communicators Network?
In its purest form, it is a network of parents, business leaders, elected officials, senior citizens and other individuals who have an interest in the Methacton School District. A “key communicators” network also provides those same individuals interested in receiving information about the district with an avenue to exchange information with administrative representatives of the school district.
By establishing a “key communicators” network, the district can better engage stakeholders through the timely sharing of information. Key Communicators will help people know more about the school district and help the school district know more about what people think, feel and know about Methacton schools.

How Does a Key Communicators Network Work?
The Methacton School District will keep registered “key communicators” informed of school issues and general district news while sharing in depth information about complex or ongoing issues. Key communicators will be asked to informally share the information with friends, colleagues, other Methacton stakeholders as well as make the district aware of questions or concerns they hear from the community.

How Are Key Communicators Selected?
As the “Key Communicators” network is an outreach initiative intended to establish an ongoing link between district decision makers and local citizens, anyone can sign up to be a part of the online information network. Enrollment will be conducted through the district’s website making use of an online registration process (see enrollment form below).

What is Expected of Key Communicators?
The expectations for individuals enrolled as “key communicators” are as follows:
  • Share district information with community members as opportunities arise.
  • Share feedback—both yours and those you are hearing—with Methacton administration.
  • Give feedback to district administration on issues and topics within the community relating to Methacton.
We expect this new initiative to grow and evolve as the network grows! If you have questions about the Key Communicators Network, please contact the Methacton's Coordinator of School and Community Information, Angela Linch at 610-489-5000, or by e-mail at alinch