Click on the links, below, to access PDF files that you can use at home to support your young readers.


  • Bialostok, Steven. Raising Readers: Helping Your Child to Literacy.
  • Butler, Doroth and Marie Clay. Reading Begins at Home.
  • Calkins, Lucy. Raising Lifelong Learners: A Parent"s Guide.
  • Gibson, Ray. You and Your Child Reading Games.
  • Hauser, Jill Frankel. Growing Up Reading: Learning to Read Through Creative Play.
  • Kaye, Peggy. Games for Reading: Playful Ways to Help Your Child Read.
  • Kropp, Paul. Raising a Reader: Make Your Child a Reader for Life.
  • Liggett, Twila and Cynthia Mayer Benfield. Reading Rainbow Guide to Children"s Books.
  • Olmsted, John. Reading With Young Children: A Parent"s Guide.
  • Pinnell, Gay Su and Irene Fountas. Help America Read.
  • Stillman, Peter. Families Writing.
  • Trelease, Jim. Hey! Listen to This!
  • Trelease, Jim. Read All About It!
  • My Kid's Turn - The MyKidsTurn shows are all created by parents and educators. They're about the things we can do with our kids -- games, exercises, strategies, and fun activities that will help them understand concepts and ideas that are going to be important for them in school.