Congratulations!  You have been selected to be on the sixth grade team of the Astronomers.  Here is some important information that will help you start on the right track.  On the first day of school each student will receive handbooks that will thoroughly cover all phases of the Skyview Experience.

Team Teachers Click on the teacher's name to go directly to their websites.                                                                      
Mr. Stephen Boyles    HR - Galileo    Science/Geography
Mrs. Nicole Maier      HR - Kepler       Math/Geography
Mrs. Joan Munro    HR - Halley     Reading/Geography  
Mrs. Anita Stiles    HR - Leavitt    English/Geography
Mrs. Sharon Caplan        Special Education
Miss Beth Hibbert          Instructional Assistant
Six-Day Cycle – Skyview operates on a six-day, A-F, cycle.  Students have five academics and a special area subject every day.  They will have physical education every other day.  All musical performing groups rehearse during the last period of the day.
Homework Policy – Homework is an integral part of the instructional program.  All team teachers count homework as a part of their grade and missing and/or late homework will have a negative impact on your child’s final average. Students will be issued a homework pass that may be used no more than once per marking period per subject.  It is the student's responsibility to keep their homework pass in a safe place.  NO HOMEWORK PASSES WILL BE RE-ISSUED! Not all assignments may be used with the homework pass.  ALEKS (math) and IRP (reading) may not be used on the homework pass.
Lockers – Students are issued lockers that are located along the halls outside of their homerooms.  Locker assignments and combinations will be given out during the first week of school.  
Lunch – Our team is scheduled for lunch from 12:40-1:10
Supplies Each student will also need to have the following supplies:

1.       Organization system (binder, folders, accordion folder, etc) with 5 dividers or Report folders (at least 1 for all subjects) with prongs

2.       Edit Pens in different colors

3.       Sneakers for PE days

4.       5 Marble Composition Books or spiral notebooks (at least 100 pages)

5.       Colored pencils

6.      Highlighters - must include yellow

7.      Pencils                  

8.     Box of tissues and hand sanitize                                                    

9.    Sheet protectors - at least 10

      10. Thumb drive optional 


We hope this information will help to ease the transition into 6th grade.  This is an exciting time for all of us.  Yes, teachers, parents, and students all feel the excitement of a new school year.  That anticipation will help keep the enthusiasm of learning and growing together fresh all year long.

                                                                                                 We look forward to working with you this year,

                                                                                 The Astronomers Teachers        

Last Modified on August 24, 2016