Welcome to The SOURCE

previously known as the

Arcola Intermediate School Library


We have what you want to know!

Ms. McKenzie, Librarian

Library Hours

   Everyday 8:00 – 8:17

   8th period

   You are welcome to stop by during lunch if you sign out of the cafeteria first!   


Loan Period     

   Books (3 maximum)

Ø         3 weeks


Ø        Overnight – check out during 8th period return during homeroom


Overdue Books = Fines

   Books -  $.05  cents per day

   Reference books – $.25 cents per day

   Pay attention to date due slip in the pocket of the book.

   Return books so fines do not continue to accrue.

   Books can not be checked out if you have fines.



Student I.D. card

   Student I.D. cards must be used to sign out library materials and pay library fines.  If your ID card is lost, you must go to the main office and have them make a new one for you.  This will be at a cost of $5.00.

  A Student I.D. is NOT required to return a book.



Library Pass

   You must have a pass from your teacher in order to sign in to the library.


Outside Shelves

Backpacks and binders are not allowed in the library.
 Please leave textbooks and binders on the hallway shelves outside the library.