January 11
Finance committee review of draft proposed preliminary budget. 
January 17Full School Board review of draft proposed preliminary budget.
January 24

Scheduled meeting during which the School Board may pass a resolution to keep any real estate tax increase at or below Act 1 Index. If the resolution is not passed, the Board must:

  • Authorize the District to make the proposed preliminary budget available for public inspection.
  • Authorize the District to advertise the intent to adopt a proposed preliminary budget.
  • Authorize the District to seek available referendum exceptions.
May 10
Finance committee review of 2017-2018 proposed final budget.
May 17Full School Board review of proposed final budget. 
May 23
Board adoption of 2017-2018 proposed final budget/advertise final adoption date. Budget adoption deadline is May 31.
June 14Finance committee review of 2017-2018 final budget.
June 20Full School Board review of 2017-2018 final budget.  
June 27
Board adoption of final 2017-2018 final budget. Deadline is June 30.
Board Meetings   All meetings are subject to change, and are advertised according to the Pennsylvania Sunshine Law.  Please check the website for up to date meeting times and locations. You may download an up to date schedule from the school board section of the website here.