Chocolate Chip The Guinea Pig


    In Mr. Michaels's class there is a class pet, Chocolate Chip, a lovable guinea pig.  She is very friendly.  Fourth grade students in any class are able to take Chocolate Chip home for the weekend.  All you need to do is to is bring in a note signed by a parent stating it is okay to take her home.  This note must be given to Mr. Michaels.  You will need someone to pick you up on Friday afternoon.  I will have her cage nice and clean and give you all the supplies you need.
     Chocolate Chip is also available to go home during long holiday weekends such as Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break.  Requests will be honored on a first come, first serve basis.
     Please feel free to bring in carrots and celery for Chocolate Chip at any time.  She really enjoys these treats and appreciates the kindness.
     If you have any questions about Chocolate Chip please speak to Mr. Michaels or email him at