updated 5/10
2017 Arcola Girls Track & Field
MAY practice calendar (updated 5/9)
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Monday, May 8th: Varsity practice 5-6:30 at MHS
Tuesday, May 9th: Meet vs Phoenixville at Phoenixville HS, 2:18 dismissal, 2:35 departure
Wednesday, May 10th: No practice, REST
Thursday, May 11th:  Varsity Practice, 5-6:30 at MHS
Friday, May 12th:  Varsity Practice, 3-5 at Arcola
Monday, May 15th: Varsity practice 5-6:30 at MHS
Tuesday, May 16th: Meet vs OJR at OJR HS, 2:00 dismissal, 2:15 departure
Wednesday, May 17th: Practice (League meet group) 5-7:00 at MHS
Thursday, May 18th:  No practice, REST
Friday, May 19th:  Everyone meet at MHS, 1:30 dismissal, 1:45 departure.
2017 RESULTS: 
1.  Arcola vs Pottsgrove:  Win 84 - 58
2.  Arcola vs Perk Valley East:  Win 124 - 18
3.  Arcola vs Boyertown West:  Win 124 - 18
4. Arcola vs Upper Merion:  Win 119 - 23
5. Arcola vs Phoenixville:  Win 112 - 30
6. Arcola vs OJR:
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