Our Community

The Methacton community is strong, is highly supportive of its public school system, and its community members have demonstrated a commitment to their children by actively supporting teachers and school activities. Evidence of this strong and supportive community is seen through participation in activities such as the annual Methacton High School Post Prom event, numerous events sponsored by the 501(c)(3) Education Foundation for the Methacton Community organization, the student organized Mini Thon event, as well as many other volunteer and fundraising activities.

community forum Partnerships exist between the district, Lower Providence Township and Worcester Township. There exists a strong cultural and spiritual presence in the community as well. There is observable acceptance of diverse faiths or means of worship and the community is healthy, varied, and is observably tolerant of each other in ways that are socially acceptable. Methacton community members have mobility and access to a well-rounded, diverse quality of life.

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