Eagleville Elementary School
Office Phone: 610-489-5000 Ext. 41200 
 Office FAX: 610-831-5324
Child Check Line / Attendance Reporting: 610-831-5325
(operational 24 hours/7 days) 
Please provide the following information: Student’s name, grade, teacher, and a detailed reason for the absence or tardy (i.e. sick/stomach ache or late/doctor appointment, etc.).  ALL absences and tardies MUST be called in … or your child is considered “missing” and an emergency call system is put in place to contact the home relative to the absence.
Office Hours:
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Teacher Hours:
Monday 8:50 am-3:40pm
Tuesday-Friday 8:10 am-3:42 pm
Student Hours: 
8:55 am - 3:35 pm


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